Outsource Center Production-The Cheerful Giver

This is a photo of a candle from A Cheerful Giver company

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A Cheerful Giver Candles

Did you ever wonder how a candle gets it's wick?

One of the best candle companies in the world is right here in New Jersey - A Cheerful Giver.  From their beginning, owners Tony and Susan Gross had a desire to give back by utilizing persons with disabilities in their manufacturing process. 

This is where CODI comes in.  Since 2011, CODI's Outsource Center has made hundreds of thousands of candle jars ready for final production while employing thousands of CODI consumers.  CODI is perfect for these manually intensive tasks. 


This is a photo of Step 1 in candle wicking

Step 1

Each CODI consumer is given a cardboard template that shows the position of the candle jar and where the metal wick tabs go.


This is a photo of a box of candle jars with wicks



A box of candle wicks.

A photo of step 2 in  candle wicking

Step 2

The waxed candle wick is inserted into a drinking straw to give it stability. There is a pre-attached metal 'wick tab' for it's base.



Photo of Step 3 in candle wicking

Step 3

Once the wick is in the drinking straw, the metal wick base is dabbed in glue.  

Photo of Step 4 in candle wicking

Step 4

While the wick base has glue on it, it is inserted in the candle jar and placed over one of the two positioning circles. 

Then the jars are repacked and returned to the candle factory to be filled with the most amazing scents.

This is a photo of a box of candle wicks



Boxes of finished Candle Jars with wicks.

This is a photo of Tony and Susan Gross of A Cheerful Giver Candle company

Tony and Susan Gross

A Cheerful Giver Candles

From "A Cheerful Givers" website,

"A Cheerful Giver began in 1991 as a small family business.Throughout this time, A Cheerful Giver has distinguished itself through innovative products, unsurpassed quality and dedication to retailers.The owners, Tony & Susan Gross bring a high level of dedication and product innovation to the company.It is their intent to bring innovative products to our customers while also bringing innovative marketing programs to ensure success at the retail level. Tony & Susan believe that their strong faith will help guide them in taking this company forward. The vision for A Cheerful Giver is to partner with retailers by assisting with their sales efforts and customizing programs that help them gain success.

At A Cheerful Giver, we are dedicated to giving back... One hundred percent of our wicking process is completed by our special needs partnership with several centers that work with mentally challenged adults.  At the end of the day,  each of our “Wickers” receives a paycheck that they bring home to their families. "