CODI News – NJ Assemblyman Chris Brown Visits CODI

This is a Photo of NJ Assemblyman Chris Brown's visit to CODI Jan 16, 2015

Left to Right: Kurt Ohlson, Bob Schober, Dan Kelly, NJ Assemblyman Chris Brown, Joe Silipena, Marty Inman, CODI President/CEO Linda Carney, Joe Cella, Sarai Southrey, and Bruce Sarfert

On January 16, 2015, New Jersey Assemblyman Chris Brown visited Career Opportunity Development, Inc. (CODI).  We were able to introduce him to key personnel and give him a tour of the facility. There was an excellent exchange of information. 
This is a quote from Assemblyman Brown's Facebook page, "Atlantic County is home to many caring organizations and people. Career Opportunity Development Inc. (CODI) in Egg Harbor City is working so hard to create opportunities for some of our states’ most vulnerable. I would like to thank former Freeholder Chairman Joe Silipena, Linda Carney and the team for introducing me to the great work they do."