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Pascale Sykes Mission

The Pascale Sykes Foundation supports a select number of innovative, flexible, holistic, long-range programs that promote the integrity, independence and well-being of the intergenerational family unit. The Foundation focuses on programs targeting low-income families with at least one actual or potential wage earner and those involving open, voluntary enrollment.

The Foundation recognizes that families are composed of independent individuals, yet all are interdependent. Accordingly, the Foundation supports programs offering integrated services that produce gradual behavioral changes in all family members as they work toward common goals. The Foundation encourages programs with volunteers, neighborhood workers, inter-agency cooperation and marriage strengthening.


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    YAP began providing services in New Jersey in 1978. The Division of Youth and Families Services (DYFS) in Camden County initiated the first contract with YAP to reduce the number of young people in residential placements and to expand the continuum of community-based care available for high-risk children and their families in their county.
Intensive Supervision and Adult Re-Entry
    YAP Adult Services offers Intensive Supervision Programs as a condition of probation and Re-Entry Programs as a condition of parole. Both offer intensive in-home, in-community support that both holds offenders accountable and safely meets their rehabilitative needs within the community. 
    We believe the reason for the program’s success is captured in the design below:
    Thorough Planning: If we are working with offenders preparing for re-entry, we meet with them a month or two in advance of their release to begin the planning process. When the individual is on probation, we can meet with them at the courthouse, prior to their hearing, or even afterward, within 48 hours of referral.

YAP explores a number of key life domains that are critical to successful reintegration or safe integration within the community, such as Housing, Employment, Family and Social Connections, and Health, to ensure a stable living situation, set up appointments and interviews, and prepare families emotionally and financially for the transition home. We also explore safety issues in great detail, developing a comprehensive plan to help ensure both community and participant safety.
   Individualized Case Management: Based on what is learned in our planning process, we develop an individualized plan with each individual. Our Life Coaches work with them to achieve the goals in their plan, ensuring compliance with any probation or parole mandates, and helping to support those core life domains referenced above. Most importantly, they are available 24/7.
   Community Collaboration: YAP engages local resources to help meet the needs of each individual, such as police, mental health agencies, faith-based organizations, job training, etc.
    Giving Back: We have found through our pilot project that giving back both provides individuals with a sense of pride and helps to build pro-social connections and a sense of community accountability.
   YAP provides supported work opportunities for our adult population. For those who have few marketable skills or are unable to work independently, YAP offers the supported work program. The program provides opportunities to build skills and experience in the workplace with the support and supervision of Advocate staff.
    YAP's programming for adult offenders is based on the same wraparound-advocacy model that has proven effective in providing alternatives to incarceration and detention for nearly 40 years, with additional attention on the unique needs of an adult population. Whether the needs are as basic as stable housing and employment, or more nuanced to include mental health or parenting, YAP Adult Services is able to develop an individualized plan for each person referred that helps promote safety and reduce recidivism through intensive short-term support and supervision.

Who We Are

“Chefs With A Mission” was co-founded by Chef Bob Harre and Chef Ron Kollman. They had worked together in several food service projects at an area homeless shelter where the critical need to better serve the poor and displaced foods that are healthy and safe was quite evident. Further research of other organizations quickly revealed the magnitude of the problem and a need to form an organization capable of addressing the problem effectively. 

Mission Statement

A community group of professional chef volunteers and other humanitarians working together to improve the quality and quantity of food served to poor and displaced people throughout the United States. To fund programs and projects that will serve nutritious food to the poor and displaced, and to educate and engage the public about an immediate social issue so that others might join in on this national effort. To educate the general public to the need to improve the nutritional value of the food being served to the poor and displaced and to influence them to help us act to solve this problem. 

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