Volunteers-Caesars HEROES

CODI continues to be grateful for our extraordinary partnership with the Caesar's Heroes program. As one of the largest casino subsidiaries in the country, Caesar’s Entertainment remains committed to making our community a vibrant place to work and live.  The Caesar's Heroes program encourages employees to volunteer for civic organizations and charitable causes allowing them the opportunity to make noteworthy, visible contributions to the community through their donation of time, skills, expertise and compassion.
In 2014, more than 85 Caesar's Heroes volunteers assisted CODI with fundraising events, activities and office tasks. With a combined total of 1,200 hours, volunteers provided valuable assistance to CODI while contributing to organizational successes. Their commitment and dedication are truly inspirational.
You and your Organization can Volunteer, too!
CODI welcomes volunteers willing to give their time, talents and resources 
to help in a variety of ways. 
If you would like to learn more about volunteering  
or donating services please contact: 
Stephanie Hodel, Volunteer Coordinator
Call (609) 965-6871 
or click on this email link: shodel@njcodi.org
To get started,