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This is a photo of 3 Food Pantry Volunteers

Career Opportunity Development, Inc. (CODI) has a wonderful, volunteer-created Food Pantry. It augments the essential needs of CODI's Residential consumers.
CODI's Food Pantry was created in honor of Michael and Theresa Zippel's son, Michael, who was a consumer served by CODI. Michael had a great love for the local Food Bank of NJ and volunteered there with his parents whenever he could. Tragically, Michael left this life while still in his twenties. His parents were thankful for the caring services he had received here and wanted to continue to serve other adult sons and daughters with severe challenges. 
So, in Michael's memory, the Zippels joined with Marty Inman and Jeff Sleeth and began gathering donations of food to distribute each month. It started with 20 bags a month and quickly grew to 60. They have tirelessly sought donations and invested their time and energy month after month. Over the past 2 years, more than 1,400 Food Pantry bags have been distributed to CODI Residential consumers.
Each bag is designed to supply healthy and nutritional meals with a basic formula of 3 proteins, 1-2 fruits, and 2-3 vegetables. They could include cereal, crackers, snacks, juice, milk, coffee or tea, beans, soups, pasta, rice, peanut butter, tuna, and chicken. The variety depends on the donations that we receive. When monetary donations are made fresh fruit, vegetables, and breads are purchased from the Food Bank of NJ. Five times more food can be purchased there than at the local grocery store. 
The generosity of the Holidays is a big boost to the Food Pantry. This year we received canned hams for everyone. We have one volunteer family that forgoes presents for each other and has replaced them by investing their time collecting food and money for the Food Pantry. This year they collected $1,500 plus 2 carloads of non-perishable items. It's awesome to see what can happen when we are motivated by service to others. 
The Food Pantry always has specific needs. In 2015, we are looking for paper products and toiletries, a welcome addition to the assortment of goods. Donations are always needed and greatly appreciated. 
Perhaps you can help. Please contact Marty Inman at 457-5400 for more information.



This is an article on Michael Zippel, a CODI Consumer dedicated to our Food Pantry.


This is a photo of the CODI Food Pantry plaque honoring Michael Zippel.

On September 19, 2015, the CODI Food Pantry was dedicated to Michael Zippel in memory of his dedicated service.

This is a photo of Michael Zippel's parents, Teresa and Michael.

This is a photo of Michael Zippel's parents, Teresa and Michael.


Once a month CODI Residential consumers are brought into our training center for lessons on wellness and recovery.  In January, 2015, the topic was 'Choices in Recovery - This is a photo of 3 Volunteers following Luncheon Trainings.Empowered to Participate'.  
Following the training, our volunteers prepared a nutritious luncheon for everyone. 
Pictured on the right are Peter MacDonald, Jeff Sleeth, and Marty Inman.  Yes, after they make the meal and serve it, they also do the dishes.  
These are some of the things that you, too, can participate in at CODI.


This is a photo of a Food Pantry Day of Action article from the Current Newpaper on June 28, 2013

You and your Organization can Volunteer, too!
CODI welcomes volunteers willing to give their time, talents and resources 
to help in a variety of ways. 
If you would like to learn more about volunteering  
or donating services please contact: 
Stephanie Hodel, Volunteer Coordinator
Call (609) 965-6871 
or click on this email link: shodel@njcodi.org
To get started,