Volunteers-Stockton University Students 2014

Stockton Students Celebrate Martin Luther King Day 2014 with a Day of Service at CODI

Many college students are searching to find meaning for their life. Eleven came to CODI from Stockton College (www.stockton.edu/‎) with their advisor to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day by serving their community.  
Perhaps they read Dr. King’s quote, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”  
They came and helped by scanning print documents into computer files, by filing and filing other documents, and they prepared food portion bags to feed some of CODI’s consumers. These simple tasks are necessary to the efficient running of our organization. And we saw lots of smiles while they were here. 
It was our pleasure to host them and we hope that what they learned about us will be spread through the Stockton culture and bring them and their friends back again and again.
Thanks Stockton for sharing them with us.


If you or your organization would like to schedule an In-Service Day here, please contact Stephanie Hodel (shodel@njcodi.org) or phone (609) 965-6871.

More Volunteers from Stockton University


Stockton Students Return In October, 2014
for another Day of Service.

This is a photo of Stockton University volunteer student on Day of Service October 25, 2014

Seven Stockton Students spent a day at CODI helping with a variety of Office tasks.  We are grateful for every hour volunteered. They are shown here with CODI's Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie Hodel.

You Can Volunteer, too!
CODI welcomes volunteers willing to give their time, talents and resources 
to help in a variety of ways. 
If you would like to learn more about volunteering  
or donating services please contact: 
Stephanie Hodel, Volunteer Coordinator
Call (609) 965-6871 
or click on this email link: shodel@njcodi.org
To get started,