This Graphic says "CODI Janitorial Services cleans 63 Federal and Atlantic County Buildings, Facilities, Offices and Businesses" This graphic says Did you know at CODI it only take a n average of 10 Days to access Consumer services

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CODI has been fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for over 30 years. Accreditation provides assurance that CODI uses sound administrative practices, delivers services consistent with best practice standards, measures and achieves positive outcomes, conducts a continuous quality improvement process, and manages funds wisely

  • Community Services
    • Employment Supports
    • Job Development
    • Workforce Development
  • Community Housing
  • Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation Services
  • Employee Development Services
  • Organizational Employment Services
  • Services Coordination
  • Supported Living

This is a graph of CODI Consumer Income for Fiscal Year 2017


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This is a graphic on CODI Consumer Income for Fiscal Year

This is a photo of CODI consumer Nijiama Taylor

Nijima Taylor

This is a photo of CODI consumer Rasheed J.

Rasheed J.



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CODI Success Stories



Stockton University Students
Volunteer at CODI

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This is a photo of Stockton University student Volunteers on January 16, 20117


There are many ways
to Volunteer at CODI.

Your School, Church,
Civic Organization
can help. 

There is no limit
to how you can 

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Resorts Casino Hotel Employees
Volunteer at CODI

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This is a picture of Volunteers from Resorts Int'l with CODI's Stephanie Hodel and Tracey Burnett.


This is a photo of Caesar's FAM Volunteers

Caesar's Entertainment volunteers from around the country.

What people are saying about CODI!
Pat had been a consumer at CODI for 8 years.  He's moving to another state and his parent sent us a note of 'Thanks', saying,
  • "Pat enjoyed coming to work every single day.  He looked forward to seeing his bus driver, friends, supervisors, and volunteers.  Thank you all so very much for enriching my son's life.  You have been instrumental in giving him self-confidence, building his motor skills, and most of all, providing a wonderful job he cold look forward to each and every day.  God bless each of you for being an inspiration to Pat and a memory he will not soon forget."