CODI’s Strategic Plan Highlights

Career Opportunity Development, Inc. undertook the process of developing a Strategic Plan with input from Consumers served by the organization, Board members, Staff, and information provided by various Community Stakeholders.

Expectations, the competitive environment, financial opportunities, organizational  capabilities, service area needs, demographics, organizational relationships with external stakeholders, the regulatory and legislative environment, technology, service delivery, and performance analysis and improvement were areas that were considered during the strategic planning process.  The results were a Strategic Plan that covered January 2016 to December 2017.

Staying true to our mission, strategic goals were established, and specific strategies to meet established goals throughout the next two years were identified.  Below are some of the Strategic Plan highlights that reflect achievement of a number of goals set forth in the plan.


Expand Consumer Housing
CODI purchased two additional residential properties and is the process of building a new residential facility

Increase Residential Outreach and Consumer Engagement
Based on consumer input, CODI expanded our monthly Winners Group Meetings/Luncheon/Food Pantry.  The organization also purchased two new vans to enhance the transportation offered to CODI consumers. 

Create Additional Consumer Employment Opportunities
Throughout the past year, CODI has expanded its’ janitorial services program and currently cleans over 68 offices, county and federal government buildings, as well as numerous area business.

Management and Oversight
The organization continually revises its’ Performance Outcomes Measures to reflect newly identified goals.  This tool assists existing cross-functional teams to adapt and apply principles of the strategic planning process throughout our organizational culture.

Increase Staff and Strategically Hire Key Needed Personal CODI committed resources and hired an individual responsible for Organizational Outreach and Economic Opportunity.

Analyzing, Developing and Maintaining IT Support Systems
The IT strategy was brought into alignment with the organization as support and system design analyzed with the help of external consultants and an IT supplier to assess IT limitations.  The result was an increase in network security including equipment upgrades, evaluation of new software and risks associated with data breach and security issues as well as the purchase of additional computer equipment and software to create a greater efficiency and effectiveness in the use of technology.