CODI Consumer Programs


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CODI’s residential services provide a range of options from 24/7 supervised to independent living and flexible programming.  Services are developed to meet the unique needs of each individual while supporting their journey to wellness and recovery. This program provides support services to individuals diagnosed with mental illness who are living in the community in their own apartments or group homes licensed by New Jersey Department of Human Services.  These supports include case management, assistance with life skills, housing relocation, obtaining and maintaining employment, and medical needs.  

Community Support Services Applications can ONLY be accepted for individuals with a psychiatric diagnosis. The psychiatric diagnosis must be supported with documents verifying the diagnosis. Community Support Services include case management and life skills services.


Evaluation and Work Adjustment Training
Extended Employment
The Outsource Center (formerly known as the CODI Sheltered Workshop) offers area businesses a competitive solution to everyday tasks while providing program participants with the opportunity to continue to improve job skills. Competitive prices and quality work has provided a positive experience for our partners and paychecks for many individuals with disabilities.
Entrepreneurial Programs

Auto-Detailing  ~  Mailings  ~  Shredding

Employers throughout South Jersey utilize CODI consumers in a wide range of jobs including:
  •  Folding
  • Packaging
  • Product Assembly
  • Collating
  • Sorting
  • Product Inspection 
  • Labeling
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Product Quality Control
Adult Training Services (ATS)
CODI’s day program is funded by the Division of Developmental Disabilities.  Consumers learn job skills and life skills as well as explore work opportunities in the community through volunteering and trips to various businesses and agencies. Training and assistance is provided to prepare for transition into community employment.
Job Development / Job Coaching
Consumers are paired with a job coach who provides intensive training prior to and during job placement.   Training may include areas of needed improvement and enhancing work habits.  In addition, program participants receive assistance in developing a resume, interviewing for a job and completing applications.
Supported Employment 
Supported Employment offers CODI consumers the opportunity to work in either food or janitorial services in a community setting while earning a competitive wage and developing job skills.
Current supported employment sites include:
  • FOOD SERVICES - Coffee Shops located in the Atlantic City and Mays Landing Court Houses
  • JANITORIAL SERVICES - Local churches, office buildings, residential apartments, the Atlantic     County Utilities Authority, and the New Jersey Air National Guard 177th Fighter Wing Division

This photo is an article about CODI Janitorial Services

Wkshop working_4Coffee Shop Service

This Photo is of the CODI Coffee Shop in the Mays Landing Court House

The CODI Coffee Shop at the Mays Landing Criminal Court Complex

This is a photo of the CODI Coffee Shop at Atlantic City Civil Court Bldg

The CODI Coffee Shop at the County Civil Courts Bldg in Atlantic City

Intensive Supportive Housing Program 
In 2008, CODI entered into a partnership with the John Brooks Recovery Center in Atlantic City, to provide supportive housing services to homeless individuals with substance disorders.  Funded through the New Jersey Departments of Human Services (DHS) and Division of Addiction Services (DAS), the program provides assistance for individuals and families.  Services are consumer-driven, client-centered, and flexible in response to individual service preferences.  The Program provides tools to locate and maintain housing, obtain and retain employment, and on-going support to empower consumers to reach their optimal potential. 
CODI Support Groups
CODI offers a weekly MICA (Mentally Ill & Chemically Addicted) support group as well as a DRA (Dual Recovery Anonymous) group.  


Group Job Search (GJOBS)
GJOBS provides vocational services for recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or General Assistance (GA).  The program assists participants to obtain employment or improve employment prospects through various work activities. 
The Job Search and Job Readiness program provides a Work Readiness and Job Search Program for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), General Assistance (GA) and Food Stamp Recipients using an innovative and highly interactive life skills curriculum that helps hard-to-reach individuals prepare for success in work and life. Sessions run for four weeks with classes meeting five days a week. Incorporated into the program are fast track employment and retention services to assist program participants secure and maintain subsidized employment.