Housing and Community Supports

CODI’s residential services provide a range of options from 24/7 supervised to independent living and flexible programming.

Services are developed to meet the unique needs of each individual while supporting their journey to wellness and recovery.

This program provides support services to individuals diagnosed with mental illness who are living in the community in their own apartments or group homes licensed by New Jersey Department of Human Services.  These supports include case management, assistance with life skills, housing relocation, obtaining and maintaining employment, and medical needs. 




Residential Housing is for individuals to live in housing supplied by CODI.

A wide variety of services are included with CODI Housing. 

This Application is also for a Mental Health Prevention Bed.



CODI provides Community Support Services that include Case Management and Life Skills Training. 

This is for Services ONLY
and does NOT include housing.

It is available to individuals who: 
1. are living in stable housing, and
2. have a documented Psychiatric Diagnosis.