Heart Healthy CODI Care-seroles

This is a photo of a full serving of a CODI Care-sarole.

This is a photo of the ingredients of a CODI Care-sarole

CODI-Careseroles were developed to address the nutritional needs of individuals who for numerous reasons may not be afforded the opportunity to consume recommended daily requirement of nutrients.  We believe the only way to solve this problem is to produce food products derived from wholesome and nutritious ingredients; not artificial food products containing unhealthy ingredients which provide incomplete and unsatisfying meals and ultimately do more harm than good.

CODI-Careseroles features protein rich, lean chicken and heart healthy “super grains” brown, white, wild and red Thai rice and incorporates colorful, healthy vegetables such as red bell peppers, onions, celery, carrots, corn and fruits such as dried cranberries.  Only the best possible ingredients available to accomplish a heart healthy product are used.  Our meals provide great tasting and nutritious food, naturally low in fat, sugar and sodium and have an abundance of protein, vitamins and valuable nutrients.

Served in a microwave re-heatable bowl, you'll love the tastes and be healthier for it.

Opposed to common beliefs, we know wholesome food doesn’t necessarily cost more.  It does however require the right approach and manufacturing know how.  This casserole style entrée exceeds the daily recommended dietary intake based on the USDA food pyramid.  Our product is a panacea in that it addresses food quality and proper serving size while requiring minimal labor and has no waste.  The product is received frozen and stays frozen until ready to cook and serve.  For our Sub Sales, the product will be thawed and ready for microwave reheating. CODI-Careseroles are excellent for saving on waste as the preparer knows exactly how many servings each tray yields.

As you are aware, solving the daily intake of poor and non-nutritional diets is overwhelming.  At CODI, we begin with the end in mind and provide the type of food that will be beneficial not detrimental to one’s health.